Colgate University               

**The Office of Summer Programs will be approving all requests submitted via EMS for events to be held
between June 1st and July 31st (with the exception of the Libraries, Bookstore and Palace Theater).  All room requests for events scheduled in June or July should be entered through EMS or sent directly to or x7760**

Campus Safety, Catering, 
and Furniture Moves

To Unlock a Room
Weekdays after 3:30 and on 
the weekends, contact

Colgate Dining Services Catering 
Contact: Chris Jarreau, Interim Senior Catering Director
Office phone: (315) 228-6980
Contact: Susie Huff, Catering Office Supervisor
Office phone: (315) 228-7915

Room setups or Custodial Services
Contact Facilities by phone

Audio & Visual Services

Audio & Visual Services 
You may add AV requests when you create your 
reservation or when modifying a reservation.
For questions, email 
or call

Large venue audio and/or 
large portable audio solutions
Contact SA Sound

Permission to Audio- or Video-Record
Send this link to special presenters 
you are hosting and would like to record.