Colgate University               

Reserve a Space on Campus

Summer room scheduling on EMS will begin June 1st. All room requests for events that take place between June 1 and July 31 will be approved by Cody Tipton. Any requests for events scheduled during this time period should be entered through EMS or sent directly to

Modify or Cancel a Reservation

Campus Safety, Catering, 
and Furniture Moves

To Unlock a Room
Weekdays after 3:30 and on 
the weekends, contact

Colgate Dining Services Catering 
Contact: Kara Rice, Senior Catering Director
Office phone: (315) 228-6980
Contact: Susie Huff, Catering Office Supervisor
Office phone: (315) 228-7915

Room setups or Custodial Services
Contact Facilities by phone

Audio & Visual Services

Audio & Visual Services 
You may add AV requests when you create your 
reservation or when modifying a reservation.
For questions, email 
or call

Large venue audio and/or 
large portable audio solutions
Contact SA Sound

Permission to Audio- or Video-Record
Send this link to special presenters 
you are hosting and would like to record.